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IASIS NGO co-organized under the auspices of the “Argo Federation”, the four-day event dedicated to the month of celebration of Mental Health, “Dive in Diversity”, in the framework of the approved program of IASIS NGO “Enviromental Adaptation” on the awareness and education of people with mental health problems on environmental issues and climate change.

The opening event took place in the framework of the conference/festival “DIVE IN DIVERSITY”, which is organized annually by IASIS NGO. “Dive in Diversity” has so far been held 2 consecutive years (2018 & 2019), in the framework of European Educational Programmes, using non-formal, experiential learning tools.

This year, the “Dive in Diversity 2021” festival took place in Zagori, in October 2021 (17-21 October) and was the launch event of the programme. Apart from the project team, the festival was attended by mental health professionals from mental health agencies in Greece, as well as people with mental health difficulties. At the same time, the festival included experiential workshops and activities for the people with mental health difficulties who participated, as well as networking and exchange of views between mental health professionals. The main purpose of the action was to inform and raise awareness about Climate Change among citizens and mental health professionals.

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Video highlights from the event:

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